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    • Bayesian Network Classification of Gastrointestinal Bleeding 

      Nazziwa, Aisha; Mohd, Bakri Adam; Shamarina, Shohaimi; Aida, Mustapha (Universiti Putra Malaysia Press (Pertanika Journal of Science & Technology), 2014)
      The source of gastrointestinal bleeding (GIB) remains uncertain in patients presenting without hematemesis. This paper aims at studying the accuracy, specificity and sensitivity of the Naive Bayesian Classifier (NBC) in ...
    • Classification models for predicting the source of gastrointestinal bleeding in the absence of hematemesis 

      Nazziwa, Aisha; Mohd, Bakri Adam; Shamarina, Shohaimi (Basic Research Journal of Medicine and Clinical Sciences, 2013-08)
      Management of acute gastrointestinal bleeding necessitates the identification of the source of bleed. The source of bleeding which is clear in patients presenting with hematemesis, is unclear in the absence of it. Logistic ...